ScooterWorld Magazine for the Scooter Enthusiast

At ScooterWorld, their goal was to provide something for everyone with a passion for scooters. We sure miss the magazine.
In remembrance, the content below is from the site's 2003 & 2009 archived pages.


About Us

ScooterWorld was started by Scooter Enthusiasts in Denver Colorado around 2003.

When we started the magazine, we were newbies; and had just bought our first scooter from Sportique Scooters here in Denver.

Although we've learned a little in the years we've been publishing this magazine, we still like to provide something for Scooter enthusiasts with any level of experience.

And although we're based in Denver, we have people who write for us from all over the country. And, we're always looking for new products and stories to feature, so if you have an idea, definitely get in touch with us.

Here’s our chance to tell you all a little about who we are and why we’re here! Our staff consists of people that saw a lot of these ‘screwy little scooters’ running around all over town and thought they looked like fun. So, one of us went down to the local scooter shop (Sportique Scooters in Denver, Colorado) and bought one! Well, scooter ownership is contagious, and next thing you know, we are all running around town on brand new scooters!

We noticed there were no frequently published magazines that addressed the broad spectrum of scooter enthusiasts. As a result, someone who is new to scooters, or someone that might be interested in buying a scooter, is relegated to either the internet, friend's advice, or whatever his local dealer may recommend. So we thought we could put together a periodical that will help 'newbies' as well as those that have been in the scene for some time. And we can't wait to dig in, and bring to print, what we find!

There are all different types of scooterists in the world, and we will have something for everyone!

When I moved to NYC, I brought my trusty scooter with me. It's easy to park and certainly convenient to zip around the streets in lower Manhattan. I eventually splurged and bought a 2013 BMW C 650 GT for longer distances. It's been great for big-city traffic. I even was able to carry home an oriental carpet I bought at ABC Carpets on it with the help of a friend. Recently I needed to get that beautiful carpet cleaned after my new puppy used it instead of his puppy toilet training pads. I was afraid I would never get the smell and stain out. I was a bit concerned about the cost of cleaning an oriental carpet in NYC, but my fears were unfounded. A google search resulted in my finding a local company called Sun Light Fine Rug Care & Restoration. Since they specialize in oriental carpets I decided to take a chance with them They turned out to be great. When a representative came to assess the issue he suggested that after they cleaned the carpet I get it Scotch Guarded. Smart suggestion and I took him up on it. The carpet is back looking great. My puppy is now doing his thing when he gets walked- no more "accidents." I'm thinking of getting a side car for my scooter when my dog is older, so he can come on rides with me. Can't wait! In the meantime, my little buddy is growing up and getting a bit more rambunctious. Last week he decided that my wrap around prescription glasses were the perfect doggy toy. By the time I removed them from his jaws, the lenses were well scratched. Somehow the frames survived unscathed. Thank you Oakly for the frames that are designed to take the knocks of extreme lifestyles, although being a dog's play toy was probably not what the designers had in mind. Fortunately I already have an online site where I get replacement lenses. I just mailed my frames into They already have my eye prescription on file along with my “PD” Pupillary Distance measurement. A couple of weeks later the glasses are back with the new lenses. Kix knows that my eyeglasses are off limits, but just to be sure I do not leave them on a low table anymore.
One new thing that really intrigues Kix- she loves watching when I go to my favorite online casino that offers slots for US players. I found Miami Club Casino from an affiliate online casino site called They post slot promos for both US and Aussie players each week on Thursday. I check the promos before I visit Miami Club Casino. I haven't decided what exactly that Kix finds so fascinating about slot games. I think it must be the animation. Sometimes I play demo slot games just to watch her sitting up close to the computer screen, all tense with twitching tail and ears as she anticipates end of the spin. It's also fun from my point of view to have a huge play balance that allows me to bet big. and not lose any real money. However, when I do win big, I can't collect any money either. Jax doesn't care. She will whine when I turn off the computer, but it doesn't last long since she can be so easily distracted. Great dog. However, the side scooter is still on hold.




2009  ScooterWorld Turns Five!

Five years young, and still providing smart and timely information for the scooter enthusiast. Our Fifth anniversary issue is on the shelves now.

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Now available:

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Motor Scooters

Publisher Bev Brinson and Senior Writer Bryce Ludwig have written the definitive guide to getting started with motor scooters. Perfect for gearheads and newbies alike.

Here's how the book is described on its own back cover:

With oil prices soaring and people looking for alternative means of commuter (and cruising) travel, motor scooters have exploded across the country as a viable means of transportation. Here’s the book for both scooter newbies and accustomed riders that includes a complete listing of scooters available by size and power, advice on evaluating and buying scooters, maintenance and customizing, and more.

—Complete list of all manufacturers, road rules, and government regulations

—Written by the founder and senior writer of the premier industry magazine ScooterWorld Magazine



Why a scooter magazine?
We ask ourselves this question everyday! Well, to be honest, after getting involved with scooters and having as much fun as we do, we wanted to spread the word!
Scootering has so many benefits, how could anyone NOT get involved in scootering.

What kind of gas mileage do scooters get?
Besides the obvious FUN of zipping around town, through curves, down straight-a-ways and then coming to a stop on a dime, scooters are EXTREMELY economical. Some scooters get as much as 125 MPG (YES! That’s MILES per gallon!). That can cut your commuting budget by as much as 80% (depending on what you drive now). Imagine what you could do with all that extra cash each month???

Are scooters complicated to use?
Scooters are easy to operate! Did you know that the highest percentage of scooters sold in the United States don’t require any SHIFTING?? That’s right! Most of the new scooters sold today don’t have a manual transmission. All you do is jump on, start the engine, twist the throttle and GO! It’s a lot easier for those who have never driven a motorcycle or ATV.

Where can I park a scooter?
Free parking???? Yes, in most jurisdictions, it is legal to park a 49cc scooter on the sidewalk, at a bike rack!!! Of course, you will want to check with your local law enforcement entity for verification.

What kind of license do I need for a scooter?
No motorcycle endorsement??? No problem!! Once again check your local and state laws. The majority of states only require a valid driver’s license, insurance, and a nominal registration for 49cc scooters to be driven on roadways. Usually, anything with a larger engine displacement, such as a 600cc scooter requires a motorcycle endoresement, but check your laws.

Aren't scooters slow?
Speed a problem?? Not for scooterists! If your scooter just doesn’t quite fulfill your ‘need for speed’, there are after-market parts that can give your scooter the quickness you desire. There are 125cc scooters that are nimble in the city and legal on highways. There are also big 600cc and 650cc scoots that are fun for touring highways! There’s a scooter out there for EVERYONE.

What kind of scooters are there?
Style important to you??? Scooters HAVE style. No matter what your tastes are, there’s a scooter for you. From the ‘vintage’ Vespas and Lambrettas from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s to the modern scooters with sporty styling, there’s one with YOUR name on it.
Aren't scooters just a passing fad?
Did you know, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council’s Sales Report new scooter sales in the United States for the year ending 2002 show over 69,000 UNITS were sold!!!! That’s AMAZING compared to the 12,000 units sold in 1997!!

Scooters are popping up everywhere! Celebrities, political figures, your neighbors are all getting involved in scootering. Pick up a copy of Scooter World Magazine and SEE who’s riding them now!